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Application for the report in the "The English section" stream

Apply for the report

Requirements to the report

  1. The iForum-2016 will take place in Kiev on May 25, 2017.
  2. The organizing committee of iForum doesn't come up with a subject for the reports. We only consider incoming requests, approve or reject them.
  3. One speaker may apply to the stream up to 3 different topics for consideration.
  4. The more details you fill in the form - the more chances to get into the program iForum-2016.
  5. We accept only unique reports, for the first time presented in Ukraine.
  6. The content of the report must contain practical examples (case studies) and recommendations about the solution of actual business challenges. Or it`s a new direction or decision that has no practical examples.
  7. The advertising reports are not taken into consideration.
  8. The schedule of application reception and processing from the speakers:
    • up to 31.03.2017 - receipt of applications.
    • up to 30.04.2017 - selection of applications and announcement of selected topics and speakers.
    • up to 15.05.2017 - speakers send their finished presentations. Thereafter only minor changes are possible.
  9. The organizing committee reserves the right at any time to request additional information about the application, necessary to make decisions about the speaker performance. (extended theses, facts, illustrations, text of performance and so on.)
  10. If necessary, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to request the reporter to make a preliminary report (rehearsal) personally or online (Skype, webinar, etc.).
  11. The organizing committee reserves the right at any time to reject a request for a report without any explanation.
  12. The reports at the iForum are presented on a free of charge basis.
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