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25 мая
Киев, МВЦ (м. Левобережная)
John Uke

John founded a party cup manufacturing company, a coding school, a social fashion advice app, and a gamer networking app, all on low budgets, all in a variety of settings from Silicon Valley to Kyiv. In addition to consulting with many other startups, John has refined the art of early-stage company formation.

Like many nowadays businessmen, John has had to reassemble his tribe every time he graduated or moved. Faced with this dilemma too often, John invented GameTree, a solution that combined his deep love of gaming with his otherwise irrelevant backgrounds in coding, entrepreneurship, personality psychology, and online dating.

How to Bootstrap in Europe to Build a Product for the US Market

12:20—12:40. Англоязычная секция / Видеоблоги и Киберспорт

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