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25 травня
Київ, МВЦ (м. Лівобережна)
Kristjan Korjus

Kristjan Korjus is the Head of Computer Vision & Perception at Starship Technologies, responsible for making their cute autonomous delivery robots intelligent.

In his spare time, Kristjan led a successful GitHub project where they were first to replicate the notorious Atari playing AI by DeepMind, and he is also co-author of the 3rd best-selling book in Estonia in 2014 "Bedside Reading About Mathematics". He is finishing a Ph.D. in Machine Learning and holds a first class master's degree in mathematics from The University of Manchester. He has also been a co-founder of several start-ups.

Starship — Estonia''''''''s next Skype

12:40—13:00. Англомовна секція / Відеоблоги та Кіберспорт

Starship is the biggest Next Big Thing coming out from Estonia. Launched by co-founders of Skype (acquired by Microsoft for almost $9 billion), it is set to totally disrupt global transportation, retailing and food industries by introducing self-driving delivery robots for the last mile. The company estimates the addressable market to be as large as $3 trillion, or >2 times larger than global telecom industry.

Launched in 2014, the company started commercial deliveries in 2016 and now runs hundreds of robots in 7 cities in the United States, UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Estonia.

The device is an engineering marvel – cute-looking, yet inexpensive, it relies on computer vision, deep learning and proprietary navigation software to achieve autonomous deliveries by rolling on sidewalks. The company has 140 employees from 10 countries and has submitted for 15 patents.

The presentation will tell the story of Starship and Skype, explain the company''''''''s engineering philosophy and show how it has overcome all its challenges.