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May 25
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K.Fund presents the best-selling Ukrainian edition of iForum "IT-tsunami: how to survive business in the third wave of the Internet"

Especially for iForum 2017, the Foundation of Vasily Khmelnitsky K.Fund releases the best-selling book of Steve Case in the Ukrainian language. The Third Wave: an Entrepreneur's Vision Of The Future. The book can be purchased during the forum, and already in early June it will appear in stores.

Fund of Vasily Khmelnitsky K.Fund will present a new edition on May 25 in the framework of the iForum. The author of the book, the founder of America Online (AOL), which became a symbol of the era of the birth of the Internet, gives it a detailed instruction on the survival of start-ups in the world, which shortly will cover the present "IT-tsunami".

"A much broader concept is ahead of us - the" Internet of everything ". Entrepreneurs of this period will challenge the powerful industries of the world, industries that significantly affect our lives. They will radically change our health care system and reset the institutions of the education system. They will create products and services that will make food safe, and the way to work is easier," - the author writes in the foreword to the book.

Steve Case is an Internet pioneer, one of those who made the network part of everyday life. In the nineties, his company AOL was almost the most successful business in the world. When Steve founded it in 1985, nobody believed in the possibility of the Internet, and the entrepreneurs of the region failed to fail. Those who decided to continue were real innovators.

Steve Keys calls that period the First wave of the Internet. The second wave began in the XXI century, gave the world Google, Facebook and Amazon. But the time of incredible start-ups built in garages is rapidly passing. In place of the Second comes the Third Wave - a real Internet tsunami will turn the world upside down.

Only the business that will have the knowledge, flexibility and ability to work in a team will survive this wave. In the book "IT-tsunami" Steve Case gives detailed instruction on survival for entrepreneurs. And he knows what he's talking about. After all, the era on the threshold of which we are standing is as majestic and as vague as it was when the Internet was just beginning.

The book was published as part of the K.Fund Books project.

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