Ukrainian forum
of netizens
May 25
Kiev, IEC (Livoberezhna metro station)

On May 25, 2017 the ninth iForum will be held in Kyiv - the largest offline-conference in Ukraine.

Ukrainian forum for Internet professionals is a social movement created by a group of enthusiasts. It is dedicated to the problems of development of the Internet, and covers the entire spectrum of related issues. Initially, the idea was that iForum would gather all the Internet professionals of the country together in one place for a cup of delicious coffee. In 2009 the idea was so urgent that more than 1,000 people visited our event. And in 2011 the number of participants - 3743 people - was considered a record for profile offline events of the Uanet, and iForum has been recognized the largest conference in Ukraine by the National Registry of Records. In 2016, the number of participants exceeded this figure - the event has gathered 7016 people.

In 2013, iForum already visited more than 7000 participants from Ukraine, near and far abroad. More than 50 of the largest Ukrainian and international Internet companies placed their stands at the conference, and a large number of local start-ups was presented there.

In 2014 and 2015 we made a tremendous thing: we managed to organize iForum in such a difficult time for the whole country, but also we've brought in over 5,000 participants. We are sincerely grateful to all who accompanied us in this madness (in the best sense of this word), and looking forward to meet everyone again this year.

Every iForum is that very place where you can find a lot of useful information, get acquainted with new people and have a cup of coffee with old friends.

Event Format

In 2017 iForum offers not only scheduled reports, as all other conferences do, but also sets the exhibition area, a variety of activities, constant live chat for participants and traditional delicious coffee.

This year's conference includes 5 major streams with huge rooms for everyone, and an additional stream for all supportive events held in small conference rooms at the same time with the main streams. In addition, in the exhibition area, which is significantly expanded this year, one can see exhibition stands of various IT-companies (if you want to stand your company too, you can contact on this issue with Ekaterina Tsaregorodtseva).

Our visitors can choose the most interesting reports from any thread and walk around iForum with no limits at all.

As always, there will be no any paid report - the whole program is made by the Organizing Committee of the iForum, based on the relevance and usefulness of information for our participants.

We expect to see every and each of you – organization managers, technical specialists, etc. All our visitors always get the most valuable kind of information for themselves.

Internet business / Startups

Internet business

In this stream we would like to provide a basis for companies owners and managers through Digital channel for their brands and businesses.

The stream is about general trend of doing business in the Internet, mobile business, business data, systems of self-service (messengers), as well as sector of Internet of Things.

The reports will provide information on the following topics:

  • New trends in the Digital World
  • Mobile and Internet trends
  • Big Data and other sectors related to the collection and analysis of data
  • Internet of Things, devices and their communication
  • Legal issues related to the Digital Companies Strategy


Topic: «Go global or die!».

Stream "Startups", as well as last year, will include 20-minutes reports, each considering most important issues for entrepreneurs. We'll discuss following topics:

  • Ways for Ukrainian startups to reach European and US markets, best practices
  • Local investments: Myths and Reality
  • Market entry strategy
  • Usage of foreign infrastructure to support startups (grants, accelerators, incubators, corporate programs)
  • Successful cases
  • What can be done without external funding. Bootstrapping examples

Head of the «Internet business»

+38 067 117-10-07

Head of the «Startups»

+38 093 926-68-77

Advertising and promotion

For many businesses the Internet has become a key channel of communication and a source of new customers. Digital-marketing is becoming stronger, harder and more interesting. It is every year more and more closely intertwined with other functions and processes in the company. At iForum 2017 we will examine challenges and opportunities provided by modern tools of online-promotion, and how to use it correctly for maximum effect in your business.

Questions and tools that we consider:

  • Location and objectives of online-communications in today's marketing mix. Formation of an effective digital-strategy.
  • Manage client experience: advertising communications, website and UX, sales and service feedback.
  • Data-driven marketing. Push and pull communication based on user data.
  • Mobile Marketing.
  • Programmatic and RTB.
  • Video advertising on the Internet.
  • Content marketing and content distribution.
  • Email-Marketing.
  • Web Analytics and Business Intelligence.
  • Multi-channel marketing in Ukraine.

Head of the «Advertising and promotion»

+38 050 411-77-07

Internet technologies

Traditionally, in this stream of Internet-technologies we will discuss the latest trends in software development, data storage, deploy applications, and of everything that somehow associated with the technological component of IT-projects.

The main topics for discussion will be:

  • Artificial Intelligence Systems - what solutions are available on the market right now
  • DevOps practices
  • Recent trends in web-development
  • News from the "clouds"

Head of the «Internet technologies»

+38 067 465-61-47

EdTech of the Future / Innovations

EdTech of the Future

Education crisis exists not only in Ukraine but all over the world. Despite vigorous attempts to implement changes and new technologies in this sector, it is impossible to figure out which model will prevail in the future. In this stream we will talk about the latest approaches in personal and public education, about evolution of educational organizations and institutions.


This mysterious concept of "Innovation" is not only firmly stuck in our everyday life, but also is considered to be the main reason for success in this rapidly changing world. From flying taxi, genetics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence - to rampant "uberisation" and gamification of the entire sectors of the economy, innovative breakthroughs radically change all the rules in our world. Thus any attempt to keep the status quo is increasingly leading to bankruptcies of big companies, while opening the way for a new generation of entrepreneurs.

  • But what is actually meant by "innovation"?
  • How is technology changing the world today?
  • In which way will innovative breakthroughs affect your business?
  • How to convert existing threats into opportunities?
  • What will the world be in 5, 10 and 20 years?

Listening to "Innovations" stream you will get satisfactory answers to these and many other questions. The program aims to present detailed study of actual world trends and innovations in three main areas - technology, business models and society.

Head of the «EdTech of the Future»

+38 068 363-45-11

Head of the «Innovations»

+38 063 519-37-85

The English section / Videoblogs & eSports

The English section «How to fill the Gap»

There are 3 main reasons why it is hard for Ukrainian startups to enter global markets:

  • Lack of experience in building a global company
  • Lack of access to the international experts' networking
  • Limited financial resources

These problems have been already solved by most European and US startups. So we invited speakers from abroad, who can share their experience and describe how to implement international expertize in startups.

This Stream will consist of 20- and 40-minute reports and we will discuss how to build a global company from the beginning. All the reports will be in English.

Videoblogs & eSports

We organized two sections dedicated to the growing and "adjacent" trends: "Using video by startups" and "eSports".

Watching video is one of the new ways of content consumption. There are some niches already in which this method is the basic one (eg, child and adolescent audience) and also there are projects in which videocontent attracts the biggest audience (eg, when setting campaign on Kickstarter). We will discuss these two ways of using video as a communication tool.

ESports is one of the fastest growing markets in the world nowadays. Ukraine is a part of this market and it is recognazible for its players and teams, as well as for its successful commercial projects. We will talk about examples of successful businesses and discuss trends, which can help you to build a prosperous company in the next 3-5 years.

Head of the section

+38 093 926-68-77
The English section
Videoblogs & eSports

CRM & Loyalty: How to keep your customer? / Press «Play» to start

CRM & Loyalty: How to keep your customer?

Marketers believe that existing loyal customers bring businesses up to 80% of all profit. How to deal with existing customers and cherish them, which benefits to provide and how to keep them - let's talk about this in our stream.

Main subjects for discussion: how to choose the right accounting system of customer relations management (CRM); how to make sure that your client would stay with you forever.

Press «Play» to start

Video games have being at the forefront of several large industries for many years - entertainment, technology and online-industry. Everybody plays games - even those who had never considered themselves as a "gamer". What is a video game, what are the features and secrets of this business, how video games can be useful particularly in your work - all this issues will be disclosed by the creators of legendary World of Tanks from Wargaming company.

We are confident that this company doesn't need any additional representations, as well as their experience and expertise. At iForum-2017 Wargaming is organizing a special stream - "Press «Play» to start", which will include reports from several representatives of the company.

Head of the «CRM & Loyalty: How to keep your customer?»

+38 050 334-23-48

Head of the «Press "Play" to start»


Exhibition Zone "City of the Future" / Exhibition Area iForum-2017

City of the Future

Everyone dreams about living in a comfortable and modern city, where all the routine processes are automated, complicated systems are strongly connected with each other, and public services are so easy to use that even children can handle it.

This year, in the framework of the Ukrainian cross-country forum of the Internet activists - iForum 2017, we have decided to build a huge prototype of the City of the Future. It will be a thematic exhibition with the size of 450 sq m, where every visitor of the iForum will be able to become a citizen of the City of the Future.

In the City of the Future, companies, which make products in areas of robotics, augmented and virtual reality, smart houses, Internet of Things, digital manufacturing, renewable energy sources, telecommunications, data collection, and data processing will be presented on their stands.

You will be able to observe modern technological products with your own eyes, to have a talk with their creators, and find many new friends and partners.

Exhibition iForum-2017

In addition to large halls with interesting reports iForum provides big space for the exhibition area. Last year there were more than 70 stands from different IT-companies. This year we have expanded the exhibition area to accommodate everyone. Our visitors, and we expect more than 7,000 people this year, move freely between the halls, choose the most interesting reports to listen to and while making breaks for coffee and rest, they visit exhibition stands of companies represented. The most interesting and original stands gather a lot of people who are willing to leave you their business card, or to get your promotional offer.

If you want to have a place for your exhibition stand at iForum send us request to get exhibition scheme and pricing. you can select one of accommodation options, depending on how much space you need for the company's presentation. The request should also indicate if you are applying for equipped space or empty space to place your stand.

Exhibition Zone "City of the Future"

+48 515-384-699

Exhibition Area iForum-2017

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