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May 25
Kiev, IEC (Livoberezhna metro station)
Dmitriy Suslov

Since August 2011 Dmitriy is the head of Ukrainian office of company «1C-Bitrix» in Kyiv. Its specialists are engaged in the promotion of the company's products on the Ukrainian market and developing partner networks.

Dmitriy regularly represents the company at Ukrainian and international forums, conferences and seminars on Internet technology, marketing, corporate communications, mobile technologies and e-commerce.

Evolution and revolution of CRM

11:20—11:40. CRM & Loyalty

Many people think that CRM is primarily a customer relationship management system. But today CRM is more than that. It is the ideology of the company''''''''''''''''s interaction with the world around. You can simply develop the existing functions of CRM-systems, and you can look for a few years ahead to start a revolution in communication between business and the consumer.

From this report you will learn:

- about actual Ukrainian market of CRM-systems

- where the key players of this market are moving

- what is claimed by users and why this is not for everyone

- what to expect in the coming years.

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