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May 25
Kiev, IEC (Livoberezhna metro station)
Oleksandr Akymenko

Co-founder and CEO at "Platformedia." Publisher of the web-magazine, consultant for innovation implementation.

He studied strategic management, entrepreneurship, media management, venture capital bases, design thinking, subversive innovation as a member of Stanford University JSK Fellow in 2015/16.

Creating innovative products by Design Thinking

10:20—10:40. EdTech of the Future / Innovations

What is "design thinking" and why this technique is gaining popularity among organizations all over the world? How can teams create innovative products, services and even social movements? Why do companies in Silicon Valley and Stanford University introduced "design thinking" as a basis for training and development of its staff and students?

In the era of Big Data, and increasing amount of information this method allows businesses and organizations to understand the man, his true motives and needs. And according to these needs - to create convenient services and products, conquering global markets for it.

During the report we will discuss how the Ukrainian business can implement this method of solving social and business challenges, which is already actively used by the most progressive teams in USA and Europe.

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