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May 25
Kiev, IEC (Livoberezhna metro station)
Yulia Vasyliv

Co-founder of the Center for Innovative Education "Pro.Svіt". She works in education for over 5 years. Yulia explores transformation of schools and ways to build customized approach to every pupil.

Center "Pro.Svіt" - changes in the education from below

13:20—13:40. EdTech of the Future / Innovations

On the motive. There are many public initiatives today, who offers tools, solutions for existing problems in Ukrainian education. According to the Canadian education expert Michael Fullan, changes occur when there is an initiative from the top and suggestions from below. In "Pro.Svit" We aim to be the driver of the process from below through strengthening the capacity of teachers, principals and schools in general.

On cooperation and scalability. Despite the energy and capacity, such initiatives as "Pro.Svit" face challenges when it is necessary to cooperate with the government through the Ministry to allow distribution practices, but not completely imitate and keep our flexibility and ability to quickly pilot projects and possible solutions. How to keep this balance - we will try to find out together.

On sustainability. We introduce a model of sustainable development and sustainable impact. Currently practicing hybrid model fundraising, but the constant question for us is how durable it is. Whatever could enhance our impact and long-term development - our hypotheses share with you.

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