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May 25
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Dmitry Levoshich

Head of CRM OneBox commercial department (TOV "VANBOKS"). He has extensive experience in implementing CRM in various companies - considers himself as a candidate for master of sports on this issue.

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance of CRM

12:40—13:00. CRM & Loyalty

5 stages of the implementation of CRM system:

- The first stage of the adoption of the inevitable - denial.

- Old habits are hard to break, but once the staff realizes that you are really going to implement CRM, the denial will be replaced by the anger.

- The third stage of the adoption of the inevitable - bargaining. The staff will try to make a deal with fate or with you, trying to delay or reduce the impact of CRM on the usual work processes.

- Trading is replaced by depression - even the most stubborn opponents of CRM stay with no more arguments against it.

- Any adoption of the inevitable comes to an end. But, in contrast to the severe disease, the adoption of CRM involves a happy ending.

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