Ukrainian forum
of netizens
May 25
Kiev, IEC (Livoberezhna metro station)
Oleg Kudrenko

Lead Developer. 10+ years of experience in IT. Carrying technological vision through strategic leadership. Outstanding communication and leadership skills.

Blockchain technology proficiency. Blockchain speaker at SingularityU Kyiv Chapter (; Speaker at iForum-2016 (; Bitcoin/Blockchain Mentor at Global Impact Challenge Ukraine 2017 (; Judge/Mentor on blockchain hackathon (; Speaker at BlockchainUA conference (, Blockchain Conference Kyiv (, Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference (

Smart Contracts: The Beginning of the End of Corruption

15:20—15:40. EdTech of the Future / Innovations

Do you trust your bank? And do you trust your state, tax office, notaries? We will talk about technologies that remove the issue of trust, making deception impossible.

I will tell you how Blockchain and Smart Contracts will change the work of the business and the state in the next 10 years.

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